Friday, March 06, 2009

Forgive Me if I Still Think of Her as a Baby, Since She Still DOES NOT SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT.

Yesterday, after noticing that Julia's pants were too short, I went through the girls' drawers and culled all the too-small items. Then I went through our bins of hand-me-downs to see what larger sizes I could use to refill their dressers. I ended up putting out a bunch of size 3T items for Genevieve, which really floored me. I was all, 3T? That's crazy! As I exclaimed skeptically to a friend of mine, how can 3T be right for Genevieve? I mean, she was in 2T previously, a size that connotes chubby round toddlerness, still in diapers and highchairs and cribs; whereas 3T suggests a certain post-baby, nearly three, preschool-age, kid-ness.

Which made me pause and go, Um, right.

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