Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hell and High Water

Here in Wonderland, we're having a wonderful weekend so far: Julia's newly in love with Barbies (she received a handful of very old used ones from a cousin last week, some of which I swear I remember from my own childhood days), the sun is out, and this morning, for the first time since Labor Day, Christopher and I hired a babysitter--one of the sweet, kid-brilliant daughters of dear friend Mnmom--and went on a morning run in the college Arboretum and then downtown to a local coffee shop for mochas and pastry (when you've just run five miles, you can justify it). Ahhhh. Thank you, tax refund, thank you. Would that we could afford to make the Saturday babysitter date a weekly thing.

Up north, though, things are decidedly less rosy, as the river continues to rise, levees breach, and half my parents' town is evacuated and holed up in the makeshift shelter in the high school. This website has some of the most amazing--and horrifying--photos of what's going on up there that I've yet seen. When I'm not having fun running in the woods and eating scones with my husband, I'm so sad and worried for my hometown. And on it goes...

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