Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Miss My Evenings

I'm trying to maintain a good attitude about it, but this whole Mama-Does-the-Nightly-Cribside-Bedtime-Vigil thing is really throwing a wrench into my schedule. I keep wondering why I can't get anything done--I'm trying to set up ads on this site and I seem to be having more difficulty than usual fitting in my workouts and I've got various freelance-gig details to attend to, contracts to review and columns to write and blog names to think of--and then I remember: Oh yeah. I spend half my evening SITTING IN THE DARK DOING NOTHING. The other half I devote to bathing and getting ready for bed. Uh, that leaves me pretty much nothing.

What do you all think I deserve when I've successfully trained Genevieve to go to sleep quietly by herself and sleep all the way through the night without crying? 'Cause I think I need the promise of a REWARD.*

[*Edited to add: It goes without saying that I mean a reward OTHER THAN Genevieve going to sleep quietly by herself and sleeping all the way through the night without crying. Because I could enjoy that particular reward even if someone ELSE spent their evenings sitting by her bed. Right?]


Mnmom said...

Why don't you two switch every other night? She'd adjust, I swear.

How about a nice appt at A. Renee or something? Hair color, pedicure, etc. If you're like me, the only thing you want is a day in a sensory deprivation tank. The other day I was in the car wash with a cup of hot coffee and complete silence. I just sat and grinned like the cat who ate the canary while the van was cleaned. When you're a Mom, your sense of a good time gains a whole new perspective.

Shan said...

Boy that is for SURE. (Your last sentence, Mnmom.)

As for alternating nights....uh, let's just say this is one area of parenting for which Christopher has less than zero patience.

A pedicure does sound nice.

Mom said...

Well, since Christopher has hassled with the bedtime routine for months, now that he's had a week off I would think, too, that he'd be willing to sit quietly in the room and contemplate his navel every other night. Just warn Genna in advance that this is the new plan.

Christopher Tassava said...

Any reward you care to choose, up to a total dollar value of, say, $3.50, would be more than appropriate - if this ends up working. (You can feel free to shift that decimal place a few spots to the right, too.)

And it's not that I have "less than zero patience" - it's that my fund of patience for G's bedtime shenanigans was run down by almost of year of dealing with them firsthand. I'd be happy to alternate nights, or to take over. I can get a lot done, sitting in the dark.

Mental Momma said...

I think what you are looking for is some kind of AWARD. Of course the REWARD is an independent sleeper. Great, but whatever. What you will need and deserve is an AWARD, like a night out with girlfriends or a pedicure or an expensive new thingamajiggy.