Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Hometown is Underwater

Christopher's been writing about the flood overtaking my hometown on his blog today, and including a clip of great alt-country band The Bottle Rockets singing "Get Down, River," a song I hadn't heard in ten years and which today, given the context, immediately brought tears to my eyes; and word comes from my mom today via e-mail:

"It is getting scarier up here with the crest now predicted to 41+ feet. Dikes had been built to 42' and now have to be added to get up to 43'. In some of the southernmost part of Fargo, a number of individual home ring dikes have breached and Coast Guard and others are rescuing them and bringing them to shelters. I think our area is safe to a 44' crest but our problems would come if the sump pump goes out or electricity goes out for some reason. I am in the process of getting what I can off the basement floor but as in 2000 we would likely lose carpet (which wouldn't be the worst thing!) but cause so much work that we can no longer do ourselves. Eventide [an area nursing home] is being evacuated. Hendrum [my sister's tiny town, 30 miles north] is pleading for volunteers, also for their outlying areas as they built a ring dike for the town after the 1997 flood....What a mess. We covet your thoughts and prayers."

In 1997 the entire area was devastated by a terrible Red River flood, to a degree I couldn't even comprehend at the time (I was living two states away then, immersed in a demanding Ph.D. program and without the kind of 24/7 Internet news coverage available today). The situation right now is worse than it was then.

We wish we were up there to help sandbag, but in the end all we can do is wait and watch from 300 miles away.


Mnmom said...

This is exactly how I felt last summer when my hometown was underwater and my beloved Iowa City was being devastated by flooding. You just feel so helpless. I'm sending thoughts and prayers their way - nothing is so slowly destructive as flood water.

Shan said...

Yes, Mnmom, I have been thinking about Iowa last summer and also about you feeling this same way. The pictures of the water are just horrifying.

Mom and Kiddo said...

Here's hoping everything comes out okay and sending lots of good thoughts.