Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Night Five (or: Are You Kidding Me With This? GO TO SLEEP ALREADY.)

I was in the nursery last night doing the bedtime vigil FOR A FULL HOUR. We had let the girls stay up later than usual since they had both taken 2+-hour naps, but before you jump in here and tell me that their naps are interfering with their bedtimes and I need to drop the nap(s), let me tell you that a.) Julia naps every day, anywhere from one to two and a half hours with an intensity that plainly says "GET OUT OF MY WAY, I NEED MY NAP," and goes to bed fine every night at a reasonable hour; b.) Genevieve is utterly unpredictable, refusing to sleep at bedtime after skipping her nap for two straight days but at other times clearly sleepy by evening on a day she's napped for two and a half hours; and c.) the whole time I was in the room last night, Genevieve was yawning as if she'd just worked a 36-hour shift at the hospital.

So anyway.

I was in there until 9 p.m., at which point I scrapped everything I had originally planned to do last evening and went straight to bed. I know; it's a total party over here these days.

The upshot: we remembered to give Genevieve her medicine last night after our failure on Monday, and were rewarded with yet another entire night of sleep with no overnight wakings or crying. I'm sure both girls will have to be woken up again this morning (nursery school today) because they're so conked out from being awake till 9. Then Genevieve will likely skip her nap this afternoon, as she has three of the past four days.

Did I mention that Genevieve is very unpredictable? Since Julia was/is a routine-loving, utterly consistent child (I'm talking post-infancy), this was practically guaranteed, of course, but honestly--would it kill the powers that be to let two siblings be alike in some ways? Particularly the ways involving regimented sleep and never-stray schedules?


Anonymous said...

Hi! I am of the camp that believes that once G's sleep debt (accumulated from lots of night waking and falling asleep late) lessens, she will fall asleep more easily. For your sake, I hope I am right. Hang in there!

Melissa said...

But on the plus side, it's almost GOT to get better from here, right?

donna said...

At least she slept through the night once she was sleeping!

And as difficult as it is right now, it will pay off in the future. Say it as many times as you need to before you embrace it.