Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Night Four

Last night when I turned off the nursery lamp, Genevieve asked me to sit at the head of her crib, inches from her face, like I did the first night of this little Sleep Intervention. I told her no, I had a nice comfy (ha!) spot in the middle of the rug where I would be just fine, and she said OK. Still, I stayed at about two feet from the bed last night rather than moving farther away. I think with Vivi, the key is to do this gradually.

She fell asleep in 25 minutes. (What's with that, by the way? When I go to bed, I'm out in 15 seconds--it's only later that I lie awake tossing and turning, worrying about bills and my volunteer job--and I'm about one-tenth as active as Genevieve is each day. You'd think she'd close her eyes and conk out immediately, especially on a day she refused to nap, but no.) No crying at bedtime, for the fourth straight night.

However. Sadly, due to the whole family being gone at dinnertime and out late for the kindergarten information meeting last night, Christopher and I forgot to give Genevieve her nighttime dose of her acid-reflux medication. She woke up crying six times last night.So much for any lingering doubt as to whether the Zantac has any real effect on Genevieve's overnight wakings.

Annoyingly, Genevieve now mostly calls for me when she wakes up crying at night, rather than Christopher. If I send him in, she tends to scream in rage that he's not who she wanted. So, for five of the six times last night, I was up with her.

Man, I'm tired today.


Mom/Nonna said...

I just have to comment that it was Shannon who, when I pleaded with her daddy to go in to her middle-of-the-night calls one very tired night, she looked at him with total disdain and said, grouchily, "Not YOU!"

Mnmom said...

Well at least you KNOW the acid reflux medicine works!

Sounds like what goes around, comes around.

Trish said...

I have to say, HOORAY for the bedtime routine. PS: I feel like I am watching 'The Nanny', she loves this routine. I think this is going to work for you, if there is not crying involved...I'd say you are on to something pretty serious. Olivia LIVES by routines (poor girl) but they work so I stick to them. She especially LOVES the bedtime routine. But I will tell you, it took a good couple of months to form. And now to change the routine little bits takes a few days, but SO WORTH THE MONTHS IT TOOK. Go Shan! I think this is very exciting for you guys!

donna said...

Did you ever watch the show "Dinosaurs"? Baby only calls the dad "Not the mama." That's what life in my house is like.


Hang in there!

Shan said...

OMG, "Not the Mama"! I had forgotten all about that show, and that phrase. Yes, during the night, Daddy is definitely just "Not the Mama" in our house too. At least right now.