Sunday, March 22, 2009

Night Nine: A Light at the End of the Tunnel?

I haven't procured any books on CD yet, but maybe I won't need them. Last night I sat way over by the nursery door at the girls' bedtime. They had played hard outside all day long, and despite good naps, they were fairly tired. After only 15 minutes, I got up to sneak out of the room. Genevieve apparently wasn't quite asleep yet, though (foiled again!), because she began to cry. When I went over to her crib, however, she calmed down. I gave her an extra stuffed animal and said, "Mama's going to go now, OK? Go right to sleep with no fussing. Can you do that?" She whimpered, "Yes," so I left. And she did! Overnight she did wake up and call a couple of times; she's got a mild cold and was a bit stuffed up, and once she needed an extra blanket (confounding spring weather!). But both girls slept until almost 8 a.m., and Genevieve even refrained from having any meltdowns over breakfast (a regular occurrence). Final analysis: looking good.

After tonight, I will be gone at bedtime for two nights in a row (no, no--not for anything fun. a volunteer Board meeting and a local lecture I'm attending to get CEUs for my psychologist license). Christopher will have to stand--er, sit--in for me. I wonder how that will go.

For the record, I'm as bored by this topic as I'm sure many of you are. However, I feel compelled to continue the updates. It's been a long year, people, and we've all got to see how it's going to end up! Will Mama succeed? Will Genevieve learn to go to bed without crying? Will this family see happier evenings to come? Stay tuned.

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donna said...

Good luck to everyone with C doing the nighttime routine tonight and tomorrow!