Saturday, March 14, 2009

Night One

Last night I sat next to Genevieve's crib, inches from her head, at bedtime. She fell asleep in about 25-30 minutes (I couldn't tell exactly)--no crying or anything like that, just one soft toddler-sing rendition of "This Old Man"--but I waited an extra ten before exiting the room as stealthily as a burglar. I still can't believe it took her half an hour to fall asleep on a day she didn't nap and after a night she'd been up past my own bedtime, but whatever. I decided to use the time to meditate on the words "relax" and "joy." She slept through the night without crying once.

[Edited to add: She ended up sleeping 12 hours, until 8 this a.m.--when I woke her up. By the way, I got TEN HOURS of sleep last night, people. Hallelujah.]


Rob Hardy said...

Will was like Vivi. I sometimes rocked him on my shoulder for an hour until he fell asleep, then put him down in his crib only to have him pop right up again. He could cry for hours. Extraordinarily stubborn. Could not be cajoled out of anything he had his mind set on.

Now that he's 17, we're seeing the good side of that stubbornness. He's taught himself how to play the guitar and the piano, and he's quite a good musician. Music is what he wants to do, and he holds onto it.

Someday, Genevieve will find the thing that she wants to hold onto. Her stubbornness will become self-discipline. Her willfulness will become dedication and passion for her work.

Will was the most aggravating small child on the planet. He can still be aggravating. But even the things that drove us crazy have flowered into something remarkable. I'm sure the same will happen with Genevieve.

Mnmom said...

Yee Ha!!! That is great news! You all needed some sleep. Keep it up and keep us posted.

Like Rob, our willful child has also channeled a lot of energy into her passions. I always say she'll make a great adult, but she'll kill us on the journey.

Shan said...

I can imagine Vivi growing up to be just like Will. I can see she's got a fire in her. There will be nothing she can't accomplish as she grows up. It will just be a matter of HER deciding what her accomplishments will be, and when, and where, and with whom, and....