Friday, March 20, 2009

Night Seven: Under Twenty Minutes!

Are you tired of hearing about my toddler's sleep yet?

I have a success to report: last night I was out of the nursery in 20 minutes flat, allowing time to make sure Genevieve was out before I crept away. I'm quite sure that last evening's quick bedtime was because she didn't nap yesterday. In the past, that hasn't guaranteed anything, but I could tell Genevieve was very tired by nightfall. She kept yawning and even saying, "I tired."

Here's something interesting: Ever since she started going to sleep without crying (with me in the room to do so), Genevieve has stopped--almost 100%--all her previous talking/yelling in her sleep, which we always attributed to nightmares. I don't mean the waking and crying, which appears to be related to reflux and goes away if she takes her medicine and doesn't eat pizza for dinner; I mean the fact that she used to shout and indignantly yell things like, "Nooooo!" or "Go awaaaaaay!" in her sleep, all night long, waking me up each time of course but requiring no intervention. She was dreaming. She doesn't do that anymore. It's as if the fact that she's no longer spending an hour or so crying over going to bed has washed all the residual negative emotion out of her brain, and she isn't agitated in her sleep anymore. It's so strange.

I promise I'll start writing about something else one of these days.


Mnmom said...

Well I for one am not bored. I know how all-consuming these issues are. Not getting sleep is about as far down Maslow's hierarchy as you can get!!

Congratulations. Hope this keeps up. It could be that she drifts off secure in the knowledge that you are right there, and therefore rests easier. Who knows? You could ask her during the day if Daddy could stay by her bed once in awhile.

latisha said...

this subject never tires. at least for me. mine isnot a sleeper requiring many pats on the but over the night and often sleeping with her. im weak. i know. but ive read it all tried it all and still she is this way.

so i love reading anything about REAL life adventures with sleeping babes.

besides you're hilarious and a good read. keep it up. its your space afterall write what you want. they'll all still come visit.

Anonymous said...

I don't even have a kid, and even I'm mesmerized by the "toddler sleep chronicles.". More! More!

donna said...

Yay! And I'm guessing that because she is going to sleep calmly, she is sleeping more calmly. I always sleep horribly if I go to sleep in a bad mood or after a fight with my huz.

If you stop writing about the sleep chronicles, I'm going to ask you how it's going anyway. (And I'm guessing so will others and so you'll end up writing about it on your blog anyway.)

I like hearing about whatever is going on with you.

But in the end, write for you, not for us.

Mom and Kiddo said...

Like your other readers, I'm also a bit hooked on watching your progress with your daughter's sleep. Each post has a natural cliff hanger... what will happen tomorrow night?

Her calm sleep must really be a nice change.