Monday, March 16, 2009

Night Three

It took Genevieve a long time to fall asleep last night. She had taken a two-hour nap in the afternoon (actually I woke her up after two hours), but I don't think that's why. We took a family walk outside in the morning, stopping off at our neighborhood playground, and then Christopher took the girls to a different park in the afternoon, so all in all they got about two hours of active outdoor physical play during the day. Both girls were yawning uncontrollably by bedtime, so I know Genevieve was tired. Still, it took nearly 40 minutes for her to stop yawning, wiggling, and sighing in her crib and actually go to sleep. I spent that time sitting on the floor two or three feet from her crib, inwardly groaning at the time and trying to ignore how hungry and in need of a snack I was. Still, no crying. And, she slept through the entire night with no crying (and is still asleep right now).

I have to admit I'm more than a little concerned about what she will do when I get closer to the door, and more so, when I actually leave the room. (I assume I'll have to sit in the hallway within her sight for awhile.) I hope the crying doesn't resume then.

In other news, tonight is the Parent Kindergarten Meeting at the neighborhood elementary school Julia will attend in September. How is it possible?


Mnmom said...

Don't move out the door too quickly. Just 6 inches each night should do it. Slow but sure wins the race! Good Luck!

And take it from me. All this will be just a blip on the radar screen someday. Savor her little cuteness and your absolute power over her whereabouts. And be thankful she hasn't learn sarcasm yet.

Shan said...

Argh! You're right! I am thankful! Can you imagine Genevieve, but with sarcasm? Too much to take.

latisha said...

really? wow. it seems so easy. i have totally given in to sleeping with her and i love it secretly but wish i could be in my own bed with my husband and get up early to have time to myself and not be awakened in the midddle of the night.

i dread the crying though...