Sunday, March 15, 2009

Night Two

Last night I moved about a foot away from Genevieve's crib. She didn't seem to notice or care that I was a bit farther away than the first night. She hadn't napped again yesterday, either, but this time rather than staying awake a full half-hour before succumbing to bedtime, she fell asleep in 15 minutes, at about 7:45. She woke up once in the early morning hours calling for her blankets, and then at about 6:15 she called me in to tell me she needed me to sit by her bed. I told her it was now sleeping time for everyone, and we were all in our own beds, which she seemed to accept, but at 6:30 she called again and said she was up for the day. This was an atypically early rising for her--she doesn't normally sleep until 8 a.m. like she did yesterday at the commencement of Operation Get Genevieve to Sleep Without Crying, but she's usually good for 7 or 7:15. However, that's when she's been up screaming till 9 the night before. It's likely that if she gets re-trained to go to sleep at a normal hour without all the hysterics, she'll be ready to wake up earlier than 7 a.m. In my book, that's an acceptable trade-off.

Tonight, two feet from the bed.


Mom and Kiddo said...

I am impressed with you patience and wish I could bottle some up for myself. I am so reluctant to put forth any effort when it comes to bedtime I still lay down with my son. Of course now I fall asleep before he does.

Shan said...

What I am finding is that it takes far less patience to engage in this incremental plan than it did to endure the nightly screaming. I mean, it's not how I'd choose to spend each evening in an ideal world, but I am providing a respite from rage for my entire household--and they ALL owe me, big-time, by the way.