Monday, March 09, 2009

Projects (Stay Tuned)

Amidst all the economic hand-wringing, toddler-cry enduring, running and not running, losing and gaining, volunteering, non-sleeping, and fuming over people who bother me, I've been busy this winter with a few things I haven't told you about yet.

Starting this week, I'm the new monthly mind-body columnist for my town's newspaper. Believe it or not, I do have a few things to say about emotional and physical well-being, and it's not all related to my errant metabolism or how my volunteer job once gave me insomnia for four straight months. (Wait, I think that job still gives me insomnia. Well, whatever.) I don't think the newspaper carries this column in its online version, but if it does, I'll put up a link on Wednesday when my inaugural column is printed. If you're a local Wonderland reader, look for my byline in the paper this week.

Also this week, I have a column published in the March/April issue of Girlfriends, a regional women-centered magazine in the southern MN area. I'm writing there about the eternal search for balance between mothering and me-time. Pick up a copy around town and look for my essay if you can, or check back here for a link later this week.

I've got a brand-new freelance gig starting in a few weeks too, writing a newsletter column and a women's wellness blog for a new women's website, about which I'll tell you more when the project launches. Stay tuned!

But the best, most exciting development of all I'll tell you about TOMORROW. So check back here soon for my big news. I am pinching myself.


Mnmom said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Couldn't happen to a more deserving woman. I'll look forward to your big announcement. Since you seem rather perky I'll assume you AREN'T pregnant.

Christopher Tassava said...

Yes, congratulations! This is hard earned - two years or more! And the upcoming, even-bigger announcement is a good one. Though thankfully it doesn't relate to reproduction.