Monday, March 23, 2009

Real Housewives of the New Economy

Let's take a break from discussing my two-year-old and her sleep-training escapades--noting that last night's bedtime was once again quick and easy, on a nap-less day, but that the middle of the night brought a mysterious crying fit that left me awake for hours, after its eventual resolution, listening to the wind/rainstorm outside and the snoring inside and the rantings of my brain which involved stressful things like preschool admissions and credit card bills and various amorphous physical maladies that have been haunting me lately and no doubt merit a doctor appointment--and move on to other things for a moment.

Over the weekend I came into a little windfall of cash--a true surprise, the kind of money that makes you feel completely guiltless about spending it, because it was money you never expected to have in the first place. And so I went to Target with the new spring ad layout in hand and happily, and guilt-free, bought a variety of items that, while they would never easily fall into the category of "need" in the same way that groceries, health insurance, and prescription medications do, are things that I've gone without for a long time and could really use. Things I've been looking for, sometimes for years. Things I've said I "need." Things to replace really old, unflattering things I've been making do with for a long time. You know: a bright-pink cardigan. A khaki short skirt. New yoga pants (my current pairs include one I bought when I was postpartum with Julia--that's all you really need to know--and two that are hand-me-downs from a friend who is four inches taller than I am). A workout tank to replace the ones I wore to death last summer when it was 90 degrees most of the time. A pink floral scarf I've been searching for all fall/winter, to brighten up my boring beige trench on rainy days like today.

And this morning I am seriously contemplating returning half of it, because yoga pants and chino skirts aren't doctor bills and preschool tuition. Does a stay-at-home mom deserve to spend money on herself? is the question I wrestle with. (You'll notice it does not always stop me from spending money on myself.) Welcome to the New Economy!

In other news, over the weekend I joined Facebook and I'm already totally burned out on all the messages, notifications, friends, comments, and general time-suckage. Yikes! Who has time, people? I admit it's very fun to be in touch with nice people--and all you honeys know who you are!--but I'm afraid at this rate I'll be attached to the laptop 24/7. And that's not good, people.


Christopher Tassava said...

If you bring those clothes back, you are sentenced to taking both girls with you to Cub and Target every time you go between today and March 22, 2010.

Shan said...

Aw, isn't he sweet, folks? However, I've decided the yoga pants are going back--they are less than flattering. I swear to God, those dressing room mirrors at Target are subtly enhanced. Those extra five pounds were NOT apparent in the fitting room, whereas at home....well, the yoga pants are TOO TIGHT.

By the way: anyone got any tips for good yoga pants? I've been searching for the perfect pair for four years!

SkylarKD said...

The Facebook thing slows down after a couple of weeks. I joined a few months ago, and I hardly every go on anymore 9although it's nice to know where I can reach old friends!).

Hi from the UBP, by the way. :)

SkylarKD said...

Whoops, sorry, your blog was a link from What Do We Do All Day, not the UBP. Sorry! :)

Mom and Kiddo said...

Coincidentally, I also joined facebook this weekend and now dread checking my email for fear of being sucked into its vortex.

I got my yoga pants from when they were on sale (too expensive full price). They seem ok.

Shan said...

I need yoga pants for a girl with real hips. Just a clarification there.

Mnmom said...

My sister LOVES her yoga gear from (god help me) Wal Mart. She hates Wal Mart as much as we do but it's almost her only option in her small town.