Saturday, March 14, 2009


A full nights' sleep goes a long way in reminding a person just how lovable and cute her babes actually are. Truly, Julia and Genevieve are precious little roses, as all children are. Julia routinely says things like, "Mama, this lunch is delicious; thank you for making it!" and "Isn't it a lovely sunny day?" (even when it's two below outside). She's working hard on being less rigid, and earnestly says, during challenging times, "My snowpants cuffs are bothering me, but I'm going to try to be flexible."

Genevieve calls grapes on the stem "dape [grapes] on the stick." She uses a charming sort of mixed-up polite syntax that goes something like, "May you read me a book?" or "May you please get me a Deen-eck [Kleenex]?" When I told her I was going to sit at her bedside again tonight so she could fall asleep without crying, she said cheerfully, "OK, nank [thank] you for sitting!" She still has a tiny number of hold-over baby words that she refuses to give up, but that sound nothing like the actual words they represent. These are "nah-mem" for sandwich, "bah dubb-ya" for bread and butter, and "wadden" for medicine. I love these words. So does Julia, who often says, "Isn't 'wadden' so cute, Mama?"; and then she'll say, "Oh, Mama, don't you miss 'doga'? I do." She'll sigh like she's the mama.

And many, many weekdays--whether I write it here or not--I think very consciously and deliberately how glad I am to be spending the day with these two little creatures, how grateful I am for the unique at-home-mom experiences I get to share with them: library storytime and morning toddler tumbling class and random Tuesday-morning stroller walks through the neighborhood hunting for damp pinecones and birds' nests.

There is a lot of good amidst the difficult. And every parent knows all about that.


Mnmom said...

And you will never, ever regret it. Not even once.

Many of our girls' made up word have become part of the family lexicon:
Reetz = stop it
Corn-on-the-cob-off-the-cob = canned corn
Boos on! = boots on, time to go!!
and our favorite "I want sumpin that my want!' = speaks for itself.

Question said...

I so miss being Ishy. Somehow little Oatmeal turned Aunt LeeLee into Ishy and ReeRee turned it into LaLa. They almost always call me Lisa now. Sometimes I get a LaLa, but Ishy was just so cute.

Anonymous said...

I love how Julia talks earnestly about how she's going to be flexible. That is precious and so grown-up all at once!