Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sick Kid, Rain, Frustration

I keep telling myself that one of these weeks, spring weather is going to come for good, and the girls and I will be able to go outside to play--sans boots and mittens and hats--every day, and the sun will be out and running will be easy and pleasant and won't involve fighting against gale-force winds or drizzle or freezing rain, and maybe even my schedule will lighten up a little and we won't have meetings and volunteer work and trips and doctor appointments filling every single week to capacity, and the kids' winter colds will pass and the laptop will be repaired and the bank accounts that TCF messed up for us will be resolved (tip: do not bank with TCF) and I'll actually be able to pay bills easily again and without the use of my CREDIT CARD, and I'll figure out the whole Genevieve-and-preschool question once and for all, and maybe I'll even get rid of those pesky recent extra five pounds, and Genevieve will finally be successfully sleep-trained and no one will cry at bedtime nor sit on the floor of the nursery in the dark. And when all that happens (what are the chances, do you think?), I'm going to be the happiest mama in town. I will write blog posts about lazy afternoons, blue skies, hopscotch on the driveway, playground playdates, grand plans and good moods.

In the meantime, I am giving thanks that I'm not dealing with the flood that is currently ravaging my hometown in northwestern Minnesota, and I am keeping everyone there (including many relatives and family friends) in my thoughts and prayers.


donna said...

I've been wondering about whether your family is affected by the floods. I had hoped that, because you didn't blog about it, they were okay. My thoughts will be with your family and their community.

Shan said...

The river crest projection is now higher than the height the river reached in 1997, when the flood ravaged the entire Fargo-Moorhead area. If it does crest to 40 feet or higher (predicted overnight this Friday), it will set a record. This is hard to fathom, since the flood in 1997 was Biblical in scope and scale--like nothing I've ever seen before (I only saw photos; I was living in Chicago at the time). It is absolutely horrifying. My parents' house is not near the river, but our family's church is threatened, as is much of the city in general. YIKES. We are listening to the news every day down here, watching and waiting. It's terrible!