Monday, March 16, 2009

Six Days Ago it Was Four Degrees Above Zero

It was 65 degrees outside today. We played hopscotch on the driveway for the first time since October, and Genevieve learned to ride a tricycle. Julia three-wheel-scootered fast and far ahead of Genevieve and me, like the more-than-4-1/2-year-old she is, far better than she was last autumn. At school, Julia's class took an impromptu hike across the street to the marsh.

No one napped much today, and after the long afternoon, the girls ate supper at the house of friends while Christopher and I attended the parent kindergarten information meeting at Julia's future elementary school, and tried very hard to imagine our blonde shortie--the youngest child in her nursery school class--opening her own snacktime milk carton (I recalled a friend, who also sent her summer-birthday baby off to kindergarten at just-barely-five, telling me last October, "She's the youngest one there; I didn't realize she'd be sitting in class with her milk unopened in front of her because she couldn't open the carton by herself!") and riding the school bus alone. But, of course, everyone does.

Oh, and Genevieve said "sandwich" today. Not "nah-mem." Sandwich.

Babyhood is falling away from these girls in big chunks, like time-lapse film footage of growing.

But Geneveive still needs me to sit by her bed in order to fall asleep.

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Mnmom said...

Their needing you won't change - what they need you FOR will.

Julia is SOOOOO ready for KG. Lina was a May birthday and she was ready too.

When you're ready to teach Julia to ride a two-wheeler we have one to give you, and a great cul-de-sac for teaching.