Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Break

Here's the funny thing about stress. You can be completely cognizant of the fact that other people you know and love are in far worse situations than you are at the present moment--they are losing their homes to flood or foreclosure, they are trying to maintain a "normal" daily existence as water laps near their back doors and all the schools are closed and postal service is out and the water from the tap is undrinkable and there is no way to get anywhere for anything--and you can be very, very grateful that you are not in those situations. And yet, at the very same time, that insight does not really help your own, more mundane, stress at all. You still feel just as crazed about the fact that your banking has been messed up for three weeks and you currently have no access to your money (it's a long story, people); that the money you have no access to isn't enough, anyway; that the computer that has your column due to your freelance-gig boss within days on its hard-drive is away in the shop after a sudden breakdown (yes, we back up, but the computer died literally the morning after I wrote the column and we back up once a week); that you don't know if you should send your toddler to preschool in the fall but you have to make a decision NOW; that you're sick of sitting in the hallway at bedtime so the toddler won't cry; that it's still not spring; that last week you were stuck inside for days on end due to bad weather and kid-sickness and no car, and here you are on spring break with no preschool and no toddler class and still more bad weather and no car; that you fear you may lose your mind over all this.

And you realize that your friends and family surviving the flood and worried over losing their home would think these worries were nothing--NOTHING--compared with their worries, and of course they'd be right. But for some reason that doesn't make you feel any better.

Believe me: if YOU'RE tired of all my complaining, just think how tired I am of all of it.


donna said...

It's so true that even though you know you have it better than others, it's easy to focus on the negatives and the monotony of life.

I would suggest you shake things up and do something completely different. If nothing else, to break up the monotony. Maybe a trip to the twin cities?

Shan said...

We were just there yesterday. ;)

But I like your idea in general. I need to think a little bit about what I could do to shake things up. You're right: the monotony of this extra-long winter is killing me! (and every SAHM mom I know in this town!)

Trish said...

I would like you to know that your ramblings of other problems than that of 'the flood' are so refreshing, I am so sick of hearing, living, breating The Flood of 2009 (said in a deep radio voice) makes me want to puke and now...guess what now? Mid April we may have to do this ALL OVER AGAIN...they are predictinig a 2nd Crest of 31 to 40 inches...OMG I could throw up a little in my mouth thinking about when you think your problems are silly, they are not, and I find them refreshing and understandable.

A friend of mine took their litle boy out today to go to the big scheel's store to look at all the 'stuffed' animals...maybe not a 'girl' trip but it's free and I am sure interesting, do you have any stores that would have anything interesting to look at? Other than what's for sale, LOL.

Shan said...

Trish, I have heard of people doing that at a different store in the suburbs down here...we don't have anything like that in Northfield but there is a Cabela's in Lakeville. I think I might have to go on a field trip this week! :)

(p.s. wow, I had not heard yet about the second predicted crest--YIKES. What a gigantic bummer. We will be watching and waiting.)