Friday, March 13, 2009

There Isn't Enough Ice Cream in the Entire World to Make Up for an Afternoon Like This

contemplating new ways to torture me

The girls were up until almost 9:30 last night--Genevieve screaming, yelling, and whining, and Julia listening to it. We went to the park and played outside in the wind and sunshine for a full hour this morning. Genevieve still did not nap today.

Aside from the 45 minutes they were watching PBS Kids, the hour we were at the playground with friends, and the minutes they were eating, the rest of the day involved one or the other of them having a tantrum.

Tonight I will probably be spending the evening sitting in the dark by Genevieve's crib rather than sitting on the sofa watching What Not to Wear on TLC. (I am increasingly unwilling to wait another ten days--until after my upcoming evening meeting--to begin this latest experiment to cure the bedtime screaming, because if it goes on for any longer, I fear Christopher is going to abandon the family and I will be left a single mom. Which, you know, if you think I have little patience now, can you just imagine what I would be like if I was doing this ON MY OWN?!)

All of this is to say: NOT A LOT OF FUN GOING ON IN THIS HOUSE RIGHT NOW. Good Lord help me. (And I was planning on keeping Genevieve out of preschool in the fall for another year WHY, EXACTLY? To hasten the losing of my own mind?)


latisha said...

i apologize in advance for a really long coment.

i missed the post on your venture into 'green' cleaning so maybe this is repeat information but im too lazy and havent the time to go through your blog to find it. if you add a little essential oil especially citrus (lemon is the best though i love the smell of grapefruit) you'll get that extra clean and shine you're looking for. there's also this AMAZING little and easy book called The Naturally Clean Home that is my cleaning bible.

i have so much to say about the nightime stuff, you must be in my house as we are struggling with the same issue, but ill save that for later.

finally, i have been talking to EVERYONE i know about your new successes and braging almost as if its me! anyway, i have a million questions to ask you and have been meaning to email you, but was thinking maybe i could do an interview for my blog? get you some new readers and share your awesome story.

ill be in touch. keep it up. i love going down the rabbit hole with you!

Anonymous said...

Is the screaming any relation to the night-time waking from the GERD? Like, maybe she doesn't want to lie down because she had bad associations?

You had mentioned increasing the dose, so it was just a thought. Maybe it's really bad and that's her solution?

Shan said...

Latisha, I'd be totally honored to be interviewed by you for your blog. E-mail me at and we can go from there.

I love the idea of using citrus essential oil for a good cleaning smell! I love the smell of grapefruit too--my fave!

donna said...

I can totally understand. I hate those days when the toddler doesn't nap. Argh.

Elise said...

Oh, man, you guys are really getting socked with the terrible twos! I really hope the sitting with her thing works and works fast. I don't know how you two have maintained your sanity this long. I think I'd have resorted to large amounts of bourbon by this time. For the toddler.

Mnmom said...

Ah the arsenic days of parenting, when you can't decide if you should feed THEM arsenic or take it yourself. I have SO. BEEN. THERE.
It will end, I promise you. But you will earn many stars in your crown in the meantime. I had many, many, many days of double tantrums, or they'd tag team me with tantrums all day long. Let's have you guys over more often, so you can have a break.