Tuesday, March 03, 2009

We Go Through Way Too Much Bread in This House

How is it possible that the adults in my house went to two grocery stores in two days and we're STILL running out of bread? Does anyone else do this? Forget at least one staple grocery item every single time you go to the store, despite the regular use of a list? What's that all about, anyway? Parenting-related dementia?


Mnmom said...

Yep, parenting dementia. It's brought down many of the best and brightest.
We buy 3 loaves at a time and keep back ups in the freezer and STILL run out on a regular basis.

Anna said...

Us too. And we (the parents) have started brown bagging our lunches so we're going through more bread. But, I went to our local bread thrift store the other day and bought 2 large loaves of Natures Own whole wheat bread for $1! Great money saving tip; if you have a bread thrift store close by check it out. They often mark down bread that is getting close to it's "Use By" date. You can always stock up and put them in them in the freezer.