Monday, April 27, 2009

And I Wonder Why I Can't Get a Book Proposal Written.

Way back in January, when I was recovering from the busy-ness of the holidays and facing an inexplicably jam-packed household calendar full of things like New Year's and post-New Year's parties, Julia's swimming lessons, both girls' tumbling classes, volunteer-work meetings, coffee dates, kid birthday parties, and an out-of-town trip for a family funeral, I said aloud several times, "Oh, but February will be a lot better; we've got a lot less going on in February."

And then February came and it was busier than January, what with my birthday and tumbling class and a family visit and volunteering at preschool registration and Christopher working late and us hosting a multi-family brunch at our house and playgroup meetings and the start of Genevieve's toddler class and a baby shower for dear friends up in Roseville. And I said to a friend of mine, "Wait until March. March is much less busy for us."

And you get the idea about how March was. Also April, which had both February and March beat by far.

And now I am looking at our kitchen calendar for May, and I see that in the first week alone, in addition to the normal preschool and toddler class schedule, the squares are filled with: a monthly coffee date with my mom friends; Julia's annual nursery-school field trip; dentist appointments; tumbling class; the preschool spring parent meeting, which, as president of the Board, I am helping to run; a two-day work trip to NYC for Christopher; and, on Saturday, TWO not-to-miss parties, both of which I'll be attending with the girls while Christopher is out of town. And that's just week one. I won't even tell you everything else we've got going on later in the month.

You'd think by now I'd stop uttering proclamations about how NEXT month will be less busy.

And yet....June looks pretty empty. Talk to me in a few weeks.


latisha said...
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latisha said...

yet you still manage to get it done. well it looks that way in cyberland anyhow. im always enamored by the whole idea of zen -slowing down to savor each moment and how they dont beleive multitasking can actually be accomplished.

its cuz it just seems so impossible to me. i feel exactly the same way you do. it'll get easier when xyz is over i tell myself...sigh.

donna said...

Nope. June won't be any less busy because you have Julia's birthday and will likely include a visit from or to Nonna/Boppa's to celebrate said birthday, in addition to the anticipation of said birthday on Julia's part (which means she won't let you forget that her birthday is coming up). (Sorry. I didn't mean to give you an ulcer with this comment.)