Thursday, April 30, 2009

Awesome Mom

I've been feeling a little crazed lately. There's Genevieve's continued--ahem--challenging behavior, and the work I need to do for the preschool before the end of the year (which, mysteriously, is May 20th; doesn't seem quite late enough, does it?), and the fact that apparently it is going to be chilly and rainy here until the end of time, which isn't good for anyone's mood. Also there's the husband-working-late-and-going-out-of-town stuff and the kids-are-sick stuff and the hey-wait-a-minute-I-think-I'm-sick-too stuff. Not to mention the fact that even though it's not quite May, the paperwork for registering one's children for a multitude of summer activities has been ambushing my household for the past month, and I've got to make decisions about how much we should do (answer: not much) and how much we can afford (not much) and which activities are crucial (swimming lessons, a few mornings of preschool "day camp").

So, you know, busy. Busy and tired of tantrums and not altogether on top of my daily to-do lists. Honestly, my to-do list is a mile long and my patience is running short.

But then today I managed to get on the phone and schedule Julia's five-year-old well-visit at the pediatrician, more than four weeks in advance. I also, during naptime, made an entire chicken-and-apple curry with brown rice recipe for dinner tonight, along with a fresh green salad and a jar of homemade salad dressing, so that even though I'm running tonight over the dinner hour, my family can eat a real dinner rather than the usual convenience fare I throw at them on running nights (frozen veggie burgers, leftovers, etc.) So now I feel like I should be wearing a shirt that says, "Awesome Mom" on it.

Some weeks, it doesn't take much.


latisha said...

all weeks it shouldnt take much. just being a mom should be awesome enough...

that aside, i gave up lists about a year ago right after daughter was born. I actually did a 12-step style program about it. i was addicted it was the only thing i could control. crazy as it sounds i still manage to get everything done i just never check it off.

Mnmom said...

You have young children. Your daily list should read:
1. Make sure kids eat one vitamin and a glass of milk at minimum
2. Make sure kids don't run in the street or ingest laundry detergent.
3. Make sure kids are actually clothed before going outside.
4. Remove sharp pointy objects from kids hands.
5. Bathe children in warm soapy water at least 3 times per week. Dips in a chlorinated pool count.
6. Don't let kids watch Jerry Springer.

Repeat daily.

donna said...

How about this one, this one or my favorite: this one?

I totally know how you feel. Sometimes you can do it all. Sometimes you gotta lower the bar.

BTW, I'm doing the single-parent thing this week. My husband is working nights every night this week. He gets home right after the kids are in bed. Which means that after spending all day working with people and then taking care of the kids by myself, when I finally have a moment to myself, he comes home. I hate this time of the year.

Shan said...

OK Donna, but when it comes down to it I don't think I could actually walk around in a shirt bragging about how awesome I am as a mom. ;) I have, however, always loved the sweet tees at, which include shirts that say "Lucky Mom" (a good reminder) and "Happy Mom" (for those times I need to convince myself). ;)