Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Double Stroller

Even though Julia will be five in June, I still like to take our double stroller along when the girls and I go for walks. Genevieve's only two, and sometimes her tiny legs get too tired to make it all the way home. Our double is much newer than our five-year-old single stroller, which has been so run into the ground (I'm recalling many desperate newborn/postpartum hours spent pushing a difficult baby around unending cracked concrete-sidewalk blocks in south Minneapolis) that it barely steers, so I prefer to take the double no matter who is (or is not) riding. (I often find myself pushing a teddy bear while my two girls run on ahead.)

Mainly I bring the double stroller because I like to drag my girls way the hell out all over the far reaches of our subdivision in an effort to tire them out in the wind and sunshine, and even a nearly-five-year-old sometimes hits a wall and just. can't. walk. home. That's fine by me; it's great exercise to push some 70 pounds of children and however-many pounds of stroller up the far hill by the east-edge farm field and back to our house, and bringing the stroller along allows me to extend our walks as far and long as I want (within reason). Today Julia walked an entire mile, and let me tell you, a mile is a long way when you're only four.

Yesterday on our afternoon walk, the girls and I encountered an elderly man working in his yard, about three blocks from our house. We said hello and chatted a bit. He was sweet toward my girls, a grandfatherly type. As the girls skipped on and I followed pushing the empty stroller, the man chuckled, nodded at the stroller, and said, "Now you need another one, to ride in there!" For just a split second, my heart considered this idea and seized just a little, but only because he was a sweet grandpa who probably raised four or five kids in his day and knows a thing or two about babies--how they claim you forever, you're eternally beholden to them, how even as they grow before your eyes you remember when they were cozy bundles riding in the stroller because they were too small to walk, not because their preschooler legs are too tired from clambering over rocks and running up hills.

Then I realized it's still probably not a good idea to take advice about one's reproductive plans from an elderly stranger you meet on the street.


donna said...

We all have those flashes of insanity. I mean, those moments that our hearts melt and make us want more kids.

Anonymous said...

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