Sunday, April 19, 2009


Our family joined another family on a little half-hour trip this morning, to another town for a chilly, rainy 5K run and pancake breakfast. We drove behind them on the way there, and when we arrived at the parking lot, my fellow-mom friend relayed the following conversation she'd had with her daughter in the car on the way there, while the children whined and fussed about the drive and complained of being "bored, bored, bored" and "so tired."

Friend: Do you think Shannon and Christopher's girls are behind us in their car, whining and complaining this much?!


Friend's 4-year-old daughter: ....Um....Probably just Genevieve.


Mnmom said...

How nice for Vivi to be so well understood.

latisha said...

oh i so want to meet her. she is already famous you know. watch out.