Saturday, April 25, 2009

Just One. ONE, People.

I know, I know; where've I been? What's with the writing about the five years and the rhubarb and then being done with it for the week?

I don't know. I've been busy. The toddler-teething and tantrums, the usual cooking and baking and cleaning, the preschool runs and playdates and Board meetings--all this is time- and energy-consuming enough; then it goes from winter (hats and mittens during a windy early-morning walk on Tuesday) to high summer (sun and 85 degrees on Thursday) in the same week, and I've got to find all the summer clothes and the hand-me-down sandals and switch out the corduroy pants and sweaters. One morning there I swear I lost an hour to a Rubbermaid storage bin of sundresses and shorts.

In between, Christopher came down with pinkeye, Julia rode her training-wheeled two-wheeler for the first time, and Genevieve caught a spring cold.

Just so you know the world is still turning, Julia and Genevieve continue to stride determinedly toward setting world records in both "Crabbiest Children Upon Awakening Each Morning" AND "Most Mornings in a Row Involving Meltdowns, Tantrums, Whining Fits, Rude Yelling, and Uncooperative Behavior." Seriously, I would give my left foot for a pleasant morning. My left foot AND my right hand. Also possibly an ear, so all future whining might be muted.

In other news, our espresso machine just died.


Mnmom said...

You could give ALL those body parts and I think my twins would still have you beat.

Shan said...

You are not giving me hope for my future mothering life, Mnmom.

Anonymous said...

Ok, thank you for saying that you switched out the corduroys! Todd tried to wear a pair of cords to work on Thursday! He did not like the sneer that I gave him but he did change clothes. I hope he reads your blog post AND this comment!

latisha said...

oh i feel your pain. and i only have one kid. starting the day right sets the tone for the rest of it, even the whole week sometimes.

i wonder how these (including you!!) writer moms do it. no time, no energy. how do you get anything submission worthy or even show-another-person worthy when you're exhausted and start your days battling??

Shan said...

Latisha, I can't do it. It's SO hard. I feel like I have zero time. I do get some writing done, but it's a big challenge, and it's way less than I want and not very goal-directed. See my post coming up on Monday on this problem as well.