Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Four-Year-Old: Future Early-Childhood Teacher

Matching Easter dresses, Sunday, April 12

I am very glad to be back home from our four-day weekend trip, back to my own bed and my girls' own beds and (hopefully) a return to the children's daily naps (please God) and semi-uneventful sleep-trained bedtimes (please please God). However, it is not even 8 a.m. and so far Genevieve has thrown at least four raging temper tantrums. As fiesty as she is, she's at her worst when she first wakes up. Genevieve is not a morning person. And by "not a morning person," I mean "do not talk to her, look at her, engage her in any way, glance in her direction, nor even dare to breathe or eat your own breakfast in her presence, because it will offend her." You'd think that if you disliked being up so much, you'd sleep in a little later. (I remember saying this same thing when she was a pre-talking, pre-walking baby, too. Hmmm, anyone care for a discussion on nature vs. nurture? Because I'm pretty sure nature wins this one.)

I think we can all agree that some days, the person who gets to escape the house and go off to the office, where he or she gets to interact with people who do not throw all their puzzle pieces on the floor and then hit you while screaming and crying for no reason you can ascertain, is very, very lucky.

That said, when Genevieve refused to pick up her puzzle pieces and threw her fourth tantrum of the day, Julia silently kneeled on the carpet and began to pick them up herself, then said, "We have to be very gentle with Genevieve today. She's having a very, very hard morning."

Then I parked them in front of PBS Kids for extra TV so I could drink a cup of coffee and attack the giant mountain of laundry sitting on the floor of our laundry room. Because sometimes, if you're not the adult who gets to leave for the office, you do what you have to do.


Mnmom said...

All Hail the TV!!!
It saved me many, many days. Sometimes you just have to get into another room.

donna said...

We should lock G and my daughter in a room together - in hopes that it'll scare them straight if they see what their behavior looks like on someone else. (Either that or they'll learn a trick or two from each other.)