Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Then She Goes and Kind of Melts Your Heart

This evening, after a long and difficult afternoon with Genevieve, I was on the floor of my walk-in bedroom closet, lacing up new running shoes before heading out on a tired five-miler. Suddenly Genevieve scampered into my bedroom and through the closet doorway, naked for her bath. She knelt down beside me and said in her adorable, still-effortful baby voice, "Yet me hode your hand." I gave her my hand and she said, haltingly and with much concentration, "Mama, I sorry for having a rude day to you." Then she gave me a huge hug and walked away.

I'm pretty sure her daddy put her up to it, but: awwww.


latisha said...

ahh! tears!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Too sweet. See, you can't tell this kind of stuff and then expect us to believe the lil' terror stories ;)