Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Captain Underpants

So after I told the entire Internet that Genevieve had potty-trained herself, naturally she suffered some regression in that department. She still used the toilet, but in between her diapers were always wet. More importantly, she seemed already jaded by the process. Like three days was the longest she could sustain any sort of excitement about this developmental milestone. Potty-training? Yeah, it was fun for awhile, but...meh. I'm fine with things as-is.

I kept encouraging her to try a Pull-Up, or even padded cotton training underpants (of which I have about ten million because I tried so many times and at so many stages/ages/sizes to potty-train Julia). Genevieve said nah, she liked her dipes. I didn't want to push it, because that was my downfall with kid #1. So, I let her decide. Plus, I'm lazy. And laziness, let's remember, has been working for me just fine in this regard.

But I refused to buy another package, so as the diapers in the drawer dwindled, I knew the moment of reckoning was coming. (I am, however, still buying "overnite" diapers for, well, overnight, and don't care how long that goes on, really.) This morning there weren't any more diapers in her dresser drawer, so Genevieve was faced with a choice of either a Pull-Up or training underpants for the morning. She chose the undies, and we got through two errands and an hour at the park with no problems.

After five years, my days of changing diapers are almost over! I feel a little bit giddy.


Mnmom said...

Yee ha!!
Here's a little trick I used. Keep a potty chair and some diapers in the trunk of the car. When she has to GO! put the potty chair in the car, lay a diaper out in the bowl, and let her go. Then you just ball up the diaper and go on with your day. Of course we had a van with tinted windows, so this was a bit easier. Saved my bacon more than once.

donna said...

I am loving being diaper-free and know you will be dancing here with me soon!

Totally recommend a Piddle Pad.

I keep extra clothes in the car for both kids because you never know when you'll need it. Or forget it. (Learned from the time we went to the beach and had no clothes for either of them to change into after (they don't wear anything but swim clothes to go to the beach). I happened to have 1 diaper and 1 pull up in the back of my car. My son laughed hysterically as he put on the pull up. (Good thing he's so skinny!) For the record, it was my son who forgot the clothes - he carefully packed clothes for him and his sister and then forgot the bag in the house - the bag I was forbidden to load in the car because he insisted he would take to the car.)

Shan said...

Thanks for the reminder, guys, about emergency stuff to keep in the car! We always did that for Julia and a bag was in the car FOREVER....but now is no more. I have to restock!