Monday, May 11, 2009

Flowers and Sandals

Yesterday afternoon I found myself mopping the floor, doing laundry, and cleaning the catbox before I came to my senses and decided to stop spending Mother's Day doing housework and instead spend the rest of it admiring the flowerpots my girls planted for me (with help from Daddy) at the town's nursery two Saturdays ago:

as well as the sandals I've been coveting for two months, which Christopher graciously bought for me for Mother's Day as soon as the shop opened yesterday at noon (they're even cuter in real life):

I'm going to be chasing two children around the playground all summer long; I need some good cute sandals in which to do it, don't I?

Gotta love Mother's Day. Not to mention the husband and daughters who make it what it is. Hope yours was nice too.


Elise said...

Ooh, cute sandals! Shoes are the best kind of present. well, shoes and jewelry. And trips to the spa. But also shoes!

Shan said...

I needed something comfy/casual but cuter than my Birkenstocks, so I could actually wear them with a skirt out and about with the girls this summer and not feel like a dork.

Uh, I mean "needed." In quotes. ;)

Cluck and Tweet said...

trouncing around in new sandals beats housework any day:) love those sweet flower pots. We put up a fun tutorial about "photo flowers" that you can keep forever with your little ones pictures on them....that might be a fun idea for fathers day:)