Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Feel Like I'm Living in the Black-and-White Part of "The Wizard of Oz"

Yesterday morning the girls and I toddled all over town doing fun things and hanging out, and repeating over and over with sincere wonder, "What a BEAUTIFUL day! It's just PERFECT outside! It couldn't BE more perfect!" And then between noon and 4 p.m. the temperature alarmingly rose to 98 degrees and the wind kicked up to a level that garnered a Wind Advisory from the Weather Service. It goes without saying that I skipped my evening run. Sigh. Will I ever burn off all the ice cream and Cheetos? I think not. It's too damn hot and windy where I live. (Note: two days prior, it had been 35 degrees when we woke up in the morning, and I put Genevieve in FLEECE to play outside. Think on that 63-degree temperature shift for a moment. It is truly the essence of Minnesota transitional-season weather.)

The wind howled and banged all night long without letup, and is continuing today. It's so windy that my friend just informed me that her METAL FLAGPOLE--the one in her yard--snapped off yesterday afternoon. Snapped. Off.

Poor Genevieve cried all night, calling and tossing in frustrated agitation. She had attended her first toddler-swim class after dinner with Christopher (side note: Julia took this same class when she was an entire year younger than Genevieve is now. Oops. Sorry, second child.), and though she loved it at the time, it left her so tired and overwrought that her bedtime routine was basically one giant tantrum. She was not in a good state for sleeping through the night, and so she didn't.

In other news, today is Julia's last day of preschool. All sorts of excitement and sadness go along with that--including an ice cream party on the playground (excitement!) and saying goodbye to her dear, dear teacher (sadness!), and, of course, there will be more to say (and photos to post) about that later.

Carry on, and don't blow away.

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latisha said...

love that thought. we are entering monsoons here i think about 3 months early. global war.-- no im not gonna say it. maybe ill be living on the coast soon.