Thursday, May 14, 2009

Next She'll be Ordering Side Dishes, Too

Twice in the past 48 hours Genevieve has called from her crib at a time she's normally asleep and demanded food. The other night it was a 2 a.m. request for "a bowl of cereal." This morning at six (much earlier than she usually wakes up these days) she told me she needed "a new sandwich." Growth spurt, anyone? Or maybe it's that she's entered that typical-for-most-toddlers-but-foreign-in-this-household stage of eating, like, two bites of bread and a grape for lunch and then two lettuce leaves for dinner, so I guess it's no wonder that by 2 a.m. she's a little ravenous. Or maybe she's been dreaming about food, and gets mixed up about what time of day it actually is. (Note to Vivi: SLEEPING time. SLEEPING.)

All this would be fairly amusing were it not for the characteristically surly nature of these snack requests. Those of you who know Genevieve well will not be surprised. It's like Rude Customer Day at the Deli: "I NEED A NEW SANDWICH! NEW!!!!! SANDWICH!!!!! RIGHT! NOW!" It's a bit discombobulating. One minute you're sound asleep in your cozy bed, the next you're standing bleary-eyed by the crib rails, peering down at a two-year-old putting in a brunch order and trying to figure out how to get yourself out of this one. I mean, seriously: cereal at two a.m.? What?

Can't we all just sleep during the night, and eat cereal (or sandwiches!) at 7:30 a.m.? Please?


Mnmom said...

That girl cracks me up. Has Jean given her her playbook??? It's like I'm reliving 1994-1999 through you.

It's time to introduce bedtime snack!! With a good dose of protein for good sleep in the form of milk.

Our midnight conversations went like this:
Jean "I want sumpin that my want!"
Me "what do you want?"
Jean "I want sumpin that my want!"
Me "do you want cereal?"
Jean "I want sumpin that my want!"
Me "do you want a banana?"
Jean "I want sumpin that my want!"

Repeat until Mom loses her mind.

Shan said...

Ha! Your stories make me laugh, Mnmom!!!

Aylin said...
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Aylin-Melissa said...

I love to read your blog..My 19 months old constantly asking for food nowadays , can it be really growth spurt ??

Shan said...

Well, Aylin-Melissa, I do think they definitely go through phases when they are growing fast and so are more hungry than usual! As for Genevieve, who knows. She's quite a mystery.

Thanks for reading!

Mom and Kiddo said...

I heard from other moms about this night food request thing but it never happened for us until a few weeks ago. Kiddo woke up and asked for food in the middle of the night, I thought, "OH NO!!! It begins!" But then it hasn't happened again, thank goodness. He frequently asks for water, sometimes several times a night, and whines until I get him the cup, despite my deliberately placing it in close proximity to his head, SO HE CAN GET IT HIMSELF FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE. Can you tell I find this annoying?

Trish said...

I just love this. The thought of that little stinker "Yo Momma...I'll take a short stack & some buffalo wings please" "do me heavy on the sauce" :) Oh, this will be one of her "she is so cute" stories when she is all grown up :)

Shan said...

It's true, Trish; it is exactly like that. I half expect her to complain about the slow service or something.

latisha said...

this made me laugh out loud!