Monday, May 18, 2009

You'll Do it and You'll Like it

My girls have a stack of activity books, "restickable" sticker books, paper doll books, water-painting books, and practice-your-letters-and-numbers color/workbooks a mile high (or so it seems), most of which they've never tried or which they've used once, for five seconds, and have since forgotten even exist. Which means the stack then exists primarily to annoy me by cluttering up the arts-and-crafts cupboard and falling out all over my feet at the most inopportune moments. So I was particularly proud of myself the other morning when I staved off a threat of post-breakfast fussiness by using my Magical Powers of Superhuman Mom Idea Generation to make up a "new game" called Activity Lottery. If there's one skill you develop fast and furiously as a mom--and I'm going to go out on a limb here and say ESPECIALLY as an at-home mom, since SAHMs have way more hours each day to fill with Kid Things To Do than their working-mom counterparts--it's coming up with spontaneous activity ideas in a split second off the top of your head and making them sound well-thought-out, appealing, and exciting. I have saved many a day with this skill. The key is quick thinking combined with animated voice inflection.

The girls were starting to fuss and whine about who knows what when I yelled, "I know a new game! You're going to LOVE IT." I told them the game was called Activity Lottery and that they had to close their eyes while I put a mystery activity in front of them at the table. When they opened their eyes, they had to do whatever activity had appeared on their placemats for AT LEAST FIVE MINUTES (this part is key, people. KEY). Then they could either trade activities or close their eyes while I surprised them with something new. They didn't make it past the second pick, but they did play with restickable sticker books and an Elmo bugs-and-birds color/workbook for at least ten minutes.

I take my successes wherever I can find them.


Mom and Kiddo said...

It's amazing how far presentation and a hyper-peppy voice can work wonders with the under 6 set. Excellent work. 10 minutes is like a lifetime.

latisha said...

its the small victories.