Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Priorities, Babies, Veggies, and Work

Lots of writing news today!

Over at PriorityMe.com, the women's website I write for, my latest advice column is up today. This month I'm talking about weathering life's tough transitions. PriorityMe.com is a fun site dedicated to helping all women take better care of themselves and enjoy life more, which I think we could all work on, so go check it out! You can also get the PriorityMe newsletter, including my advice column, delivered to your e-mail inbox every month by subscribing at PriorityMe.com (click on Newsletters to subscribe).

In addition to the Ask Away advice column, I also write the Living Well blog for PriorityMe, which is all about "mind/body/health/balance." I've got a new post up over there today as well, writing about my family's entry into the world of organic produce this summer, via our first membership in a CSA farm. Intrigued? Read more here. (In case you missed it, my previous, very first Living Well post is here.)

In other news, Genevieve is successfully daytime-potty-trained, Julia turns five tomorrow, and tonight I begin a very small, short-term stint of psychotherapy private-practice work for the summer only (something I have not done since the summer Genevieve was born). I've also been busy second-guessing my thoughts about sending Genevieve to preschool in the fall, and quelling my occasional irrational yearnings for a third baby (preferably one who is about 9-12 months old) by telling myself that I could only survive another baby if it did not involve any night-wakings; therefore, no baby for me. (See, that was easy!)

More details on everything coming later. Check back soon.

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latisha said...

yea for CSA!!! cant wait to here how it goes. im sure you enjoy a bounty in your region!