Sunday, June 14, 2009

Baby Words

More of Genevieve's adorable baby words:

"wet-woo" for pretzel

"pokey-pine" for porcupine (This reminds me of how Julia used to say "dip-dip" for ketchup; I love when toddler mispronunciations are super-evocative of the meaning of the word itself.)

And best of all, Genevieve says "alligator" for elevator. Especially cute when she says, "I scared of the alligator!" (About which Christopher commented, later, "And who wouldn't be!")


Christopher Tassava said...

And don't forget "wee-neck" for Kleenex.

donna said...

Sweet. :)

Curious... how does she say her own name?

Shan said...

She says her name like "Denna-veev." Or she says "Vivi." Usually she's pretty close to getting that initial G sound correct though. It sounds pretty much like "Genevieve."