Monday, June 01, 2009

Birthday Party

On Saturday, Julia had her first (very small) drop-off kid birthday party. (Her actual birthday is in a few days.) She requested my specialty homemade chocolate layer cake with pink icing, as befits a princess party. I threw all caution to the wind and went ahead and made the Magnolia Bakery buttercream icing recipe which includes a pound of butter and SIX TO EIGHT CUPS OF CONFECTIONER'S SUGAR. Yes, yes I did.

And it was dreamy.

The almost-officially-5-year-old princess agreed.

Four little girls--ages two to six--came over at ten, and the six princesses (including baby sis, of course) played old-school backyard games (Gray Duck, obstacle course), colored princess pictures, and filled miniature flowerpots with soil and their own little petunia seedlings to take home.

Julia doesn't actually turn five for a couple of days, but five years ago at this time I'd already been in labor for a day or so. I had no idea what was ahead of me--a total of 60 hours of back labor, culminating in 3-1/2 hours of pushing and a seriously traumatic delivery--and it's a good thing too. Five years have passed since that awful, wonderful, fateful week, which--I'll just go ahead and say it--I CAN HARDLY BELIEVE.

The princess party was joyful, fun, giggly, and pink: the perfect way to celebrate my firstborn daughter, dramatic entry into the world and all.


Mnmom said...

One of the best things, among many, of having daughters is pink princess birthday parties!!!
And isn't the whole point of having kids so that you can make and eat decadent birthday cakes??!!

Mom and Kiddo said...

Happy Birthday to Julia!