Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Conversation After the Window-Washer Guy Left Our House

Julia: What was that guy wearing?
Me: The window washer? A red polo shirt and khaki pants.
Julia: Was that his uniform?
Me: Well, yeah. It was.
Julia: So, you have to wear a *certain outfit if you're a window washer?
Me: Probably.
Julia: Well then, I'm not going to be a window washer when I grow up.
Me: .....
Julia: Oh yeah! I'm not going to have ANY job when I grow up. I FORGOT.

*Subtext here: an outfit someone else dictated you must wear? That you did not pick out yourself? So that therefore it might not involve sparkles, sequins, or the color pink?


Mnmom said...

Horrors!!! They can't wear Disney princess dresses on the job???

Anonymous said...

You know, that would be a good niche. "Princess Window Washing: Windows, Doors, Glass Slippers..."