Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Cake

On Saturday, my daughters and I made a special cake to give to Christopher for Father's Day. I had found the idea in Parents magazine two years ago and saved it until the girls were old enough to help. It was a baseball mitt and baseball, which to me seemed self-explanatorily dad-ish--you know, don't dads teach kids how to throw and catch a ball? doesn't it sort of seem like sports in general are a dad "theme"?--but I think confused Christopher a little bit. (He's not on a baseball team, nor has he watched a Twins game in an awfully long time.) Also, when I piped on the red baseball stitching and we took a look, Julia said, "Mama...that does not look like a baseball."

But anyway! It was fun! And cute! And the girls were VERY proud of themselves! See for yourself:

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donna said...

I have to admit the theme puzzled me a bit, too, since C isn't the biggest baseball fan.

But I think it's a fabulous idea. My son would die if I made that for him... Can you send me the instructions? (maybe a scanned copy or a photo of the page?)