Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Get Ready, Get Set, Sleep-Train

This is almost freaky, this essay coming up on today, right in the midst of my household's latest Toddler Sleep Drama. But it's also freaking HILARIOUS. I have never read anything, before this, that so well explains the modern parenting culture and norms around babies/children and sleep (note to my parents: See? This is just how it is these days), nor that cracks such great jokes about the sleep-deprived-parenting life. Oh my. The part about no one feeling sorry for you if you have the Bad Sleeper, but instead secretly judging you for not being strict, disciplined, motivated, or smart enough to train your baby right? So true. The part about the nursing pillow keeping your hands free for eating or crying? SO TRUE.

Go read the essay and get a good chuckle out of it. I know a whole lot of you will totally relate.

Oh and by the way, as I wrote this up, Genevieve was in the background crying herself to sleep for nap. So, you know--I'm living it.


latisha said...

i dont understand why we all just cant be honest about this whole thing. some kids sleep. some dont. why judge? its like the whole breastfeeding vs formula or the SAHM vs WOHM thing. why cant we just all be honest, love, and get along?????????

Shan said...

Yep--exactly. In my experience, people who imply that you're doing things "wrong" as a parent regarding sleep training are the ones who have never experienced a truly challenging sleep-training baby/toddler.

Mnmom said...

YES and another resounding YES!
"all I could hear was the snide voice of Failure whispering in my ear: It’s over. She’s broken you. You just don’t have what it takes." - Yep, I've been there!

Here's what I've decided about parenting. It's all a crap shoot. Some parents get sleepers, some get eaters, some get bed wetters, the shy ones, the bold ones, the readers, the athletes, the clumsy ones, the fiesty ones, the gentle ones, etc. And these factors can vary from kid to kid within the same family.

THEN you throw in the parents' temperments, their schedules, their odd habits, their locale, their financial situation, etc.

It's no small wonder we each have struggles with our kids. Because after all they were born (gasp!) human. You just gotta deal with the cards you were dealt.

Shan said...

Amen to all that, Margaret. Have you considered writing a parenting book?!