Saturday, June 06, 2009

Just Two Examples of Why Julia is the Only One Who Can Invariably Understand Her

Genevieve's word for "squirrel" sounds exactly like "whoa."

Last night she requested some Peanuts-character fruit snacks for an after-dinner treat by calling them "Noopy woot nack!"

It's so adorable, but you can see how I might doubt that her preschool teachers would be able to understand a thing she says.


Rob Hardy said...

I used to have to translate for my youngest sister when she was a preschooler. And hopefully Genevieve will never pronounce "dump truck" the way my brother did when he was little.

Shan said...

I've always been relieved that both my girls said "truck" in a....wholesome way.

Shan said...

....Not to mention "dump."