Tuesday, June 23, 2009

She's Pretty Wise for a Stubborn Little Baby

Today Genevieve and I once again brought Julia to preschool "summer school" (four mornings in a row of special nature-themed "day camp" activities). Of course, preschool--the question of whether Genevieve is big enough to go--has been on my mind. This time Genevieve herself commented on it, murmuring, "Dat where I go to 'chool in the fall! Weschool [preschool]!" Then, before I could respond, she said, "I know--there no mamas at weschool. It OK, Mama."

So. It's OK.

(Note: recipes coming soon, for two luscious green soups and a yummy lentil salad for perfect summer suppers. Check back later this week.)

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Mom and Kiddo said...

I am impressed (and in awe at the cuteness) that your girls are always happy wearing their sunglasses. My son wouldn't dream of putting them on, but then again he does insist on a hat, so I do have that.