Thursday, June 04, 2009

True Story.

Several years ago, seven or eight at least, when I had recently finished working my ass off for six years post-college to earn a doctoral degree in a super-competitive field and had burned my brain and ambition out into a hollow shell of their former selves, when I was working my first post-graduate-school job and despite my Ph.D. was earning a crappy salary that barely paid my student loan bills, and when Christopher was searching high and low for a faculty job in a history department somewhere, I had this fantasy about how one day he'd be a history professor at a liberal arts college in a sweet college town, and I'd quit work to stay home and raise babies, and on nice summer days I'd bring the babies to campus and we'd meet Daddy at his work for a picnic lunch on the grass under a big old college-campus tree. I had this vision of the perfect retro stay-at-home-mom faculty-wife life, and whether or not it was fueled by a decade of nonstop, hard-core intellectual and career-driven work (opting out, anyone?!), it sure sounded good to me.

Well, here it is 2009 and a few of the details are wrong (Christopher works for a college, but he's not a professor; I'd always envisioned us in a big old charming Victorian house within walking distance of this imaginary campus in my mind, and little did I know that by the time we actually did move to a sweet college town, his college-staff salary and the sky-high housing prices in said town would make that detail impossible), but the details don't really matter. Because you know what I did yesterday? Brought two small blonde daughters to a picture-perfect liberal-arts college campus, where we met their daddy and had a picnic lunch under the trees on the college green.

Life is sweet--and sometimes downright amazing.

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True enough!