Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Eat Your Greens: More Summer Recipe Blogging!

Over the holiday weekend, I made this fantastic veggie tart recipe passed along by my friend Rob, who got it from the Facebook note of another friend. Do you think this recipe can make it around the world via blogging and Facebook?

The recipe is called Zucchini and Swiss Chard Tart, but I did a fair amount of improvising to use what I had on hand from our farm-share allotment this week: used beet tops and turnip greens instead of Swiss chard; threw in a yellow summer squash for part of the zucchini; used garlic scapes instead of garlic; scallions instead of the onion; fresh snipped basil and parsley instead of the herbs listed. I also used cheddar and feta instead of Gruyere cheese, and a store-bought refrigerated pie-crust instead of making homemade tart pastry (I also don't even own a tart pan, so I used a regular pie plate). Oh, and I didn't go through all the blanching nonsense; I just sauteed the chopped greens along with all the other vegetables and herbs, all at once, and it worked JUST FINE. Much simpler.

The results were fantastic. We inhaled this pie, including the girls, who, remember, are only two and five: not exactly your typical beet-and-turnip-greens-eating ages. But they could not get enough. Talk about a great way to get your toddlers to eat beet greens--or any other cooking greens, for that matter.

Try it! It's truly delish.


Mnmom said...

YUM! Don't tell anyone but I put piles of beet tops in the compost pile last night. I was just too lazy to fry them up! Guess I should have hung on to them. I have lots more in the garden though, including small green onions. I'll be making this!

I always use recipes as "guides" and improvise. And I always add way more garlic.

Shan said...

Oh, Mnmom, save the beet greens and make this tart over and over. It is totally addictive.