Monday, July 20, 2009

The Fennel Cancels Out the Ice Cream, Right?

We tried fennel for the first time at dinner tonight. Everyone liked it except Genevieve. (No surprises there.) I learned never to put fennel fronds down the garbage disposal. (Sorry, babe!)

In other news, I am on day three of Level 3 of the 30 Day Shred. I know I've said it before, about Levels 1 and 2, but: SERIOUSLY IT IS SO HARD I CANNOT BELIEVE IT. When I tried it for the first time on Saturday afternoon, it decimated my leg muscles so thoroughly that seven hours later, when I attempted my usual weekend run, I was forced to quit halfway through when I began contemplating pausing for a nap on the sidewalk. Just a little nap. A wee rest. Because my legs were unable to carry me any further, and I was just. so. tired.

Today, I decided to run first, and do the Shred afterward. Sure, this meant attempting both workouts in the evening once Christopher was home, but I figured I could do it. And I did, if by "doing it" you mean "did not die." Yes, I ran five miles and then came home and did Level 3 of The Shred. But then I whimpered into a hot bath, downed some ibuprofen, and inhaled two bowls of ice cream plus a cookie, after begging off bedtime duty because I was too tired to hold up a storybook. If you have never heard of exercises like "jump squats," "rock-star jumps," "sumo leaps," or DOING JUMPING JACKS WHILE HOLDING WEIGHTS IN YOUR HANDS, consider yourself lucky.

Seven days to go! Shred on.


donna said...

Did I tell you we're going the Shred, too? Last night was our first night of Level 3. And oh my, were my quads burning.

But, there are some things I will not do. Jumping jacks with weights? Uh NO. I just don't think that's good for my body (esp my poor previously surged knees). So I stick to doing them without weights.

Hang in there!

Mnmom said...

We love fennel plain, like celery. It's big with Italians - they call it fenook - well they call it something else but it comes out like that.

The only thing being shredded at my place is my sanity and patience.

Shan said...

Donna, I had no idea you were doing this craziness also! ;) The jumping jacks with weights surprisingly don't bother me much. The first day they felt impossible, not they're OK. Those sumo jumps and rock-star jumps KILL my quads though! And I thought I had major quad muscles from my five-to-six mile running route which is mostly hills!

Mnmom, I hope your sanity can be preserved! I've heard rumors of some big changes at your place (for better or worse). I can't wait to hear more.

Shan said...

p.s. to Mnmom--I meant rumors from my husband, not anyone else....

Donna said...

OMG. The sumo squats and the rock star jumps are KILLER. I would much rather do more traveling push-ups than those!

My husband does the jumping exercises with weights but I refuse, especially since I no longer have an orthopedic surgeon (mine passed away several years ago). But if you can do them, all the more power to you!

Shred on!