Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Let's Just Assume it's Working its Magic From the Inside Out, Shall We?

OK people, I've completed 10 days of Level 1 of the 30 Day Shred. For 10 straight days, I completed the workout without fail, despite the fact that I suspected Jillian Michaels was out to kill me. And since I've heard Level 2 is much harder than Level 1, I'm anticipating my workout during naptime this afternoon with a fair amount of fear. And by fear I mean abject terror.

All over the Internet, you can find accounts of other people's Shred experiences complete with photos, measurements, and weight stats that attest to major body changes throughout the 30 days. However, my results so far--at least in the way of hard data--have been less than jaw-dropping. For instance, my weight is exactly the same as the day I started. As for measurements, I have lost a grand total inch. I mean, I'll take it, inch? How anticlimactic. Then again, it's only been 10 days, with 20 more to go (gulp), so perhaps the dramatic results will come later. A late-thirtysomething mama of two can only hope.

However, as I said before, my biceps and shoulders are noticeably more toned, and since the workout became significantly easier from day one to day 10, clearly I've gained substantial fitness in the past 10 days.

I'm on to Level 2, and if it doesn't kill me, I'll let you know just how terrifying it is once I've tried it.

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Tricia said...

Have you considered how your dread of the "Shred" is comparable to Julia's terror of the pool...?