Friday, July 17, 2009

The Mid-Point of Summer

OK, so the high temperature around here today is supposed to be 61. And yesterday at 10:30 a.m. I went outside for a walk in the neighborhood with my daughters and we wore FLEECE HOODIES. In JULY, people. During daylight hours. What in the world?

It's been a weird summer so far. Not bad, necessarily, but full of all kinds of new or strange experiences: joining a farm-share for the first time--after three years of waiting--and the way belonging to a CSA forces you into a whole new world of cooking and eating and planning and thinking, which has been a total joy, for me, from the very first week. Taking on the challenge of the 30 Day Shred (more on that later, after I complete Level 2), just because I needed to squelch my exercise boredom and see what I am capable of. Julia's swimming lessons, and their attendant anguish. Unseasonably cool weather more weeks than not, meaning that lately in the mornings we sit near the patio door eating breakfast in a chilly breeze, rather than stepping out onto the patio into balmy sunshine with coffee mugs in hand. Debating the Genevieve-at-preschool question. Nervously eyeing the calendar for how many weeks left before my first babe goes off to kindergarten.

Mostly I'm trying really hard to enjoy this summer, cold weather and all, because it's my last summer before Julia's gone to school every morning, and likely before Genevieve begins her very first steps into any type of school at all. This week was the first time in three full weeks that we've had nothing going on in the a.m.'s (and mostly nothing in the afternoons, either), and it's been a great luxury to wake up slow, sit at the breakfast table with my babes for a very long time, stay in our pj's till late, stick close to home for walks and hopscotch and chalk-drawing. I desperately want every week left in summer to be just like this (with a little more sun and warmth, please), and I want summer to last about twice as long as what's actually left.

Not the Shred, though. I don't want the Shred to last twice as long as normal. I'll tell you all about why tomorrow.


Mnmom said...

Every single year, I've wanted summer to be one month longer. Just one more month with my kids before I have to give them back to the larger world. One more month for lakes and pools and popsicles.

Shan said...

Exactly. Me too.

Tiffany said...

It has been days and days of hundred degree temps here (Oklahoma). This is the first "cooler" day--just the lower 90s and it feels so awesome outside. Perspective.

We'll share a little heat . . .