Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer Weekday Morning

It's a GORGEOUS summer day here, after major, much-needed rains yesterday, and the girls and I went outside this morning for a long, long walk through our neighborhood and ending at the playground. We walked a mile and a half, immersed in air that smelled so strongly of fresh grass, flowers, trees, and earth that it almost didn't seem real. Well, Julia and I walked (a mile and a half on those little shorty newly-five legs! good going, girl!); Genevieve was feeling queenly, and opted for a ride in the front of our double stroller. (Two teddy bears shared the back.)

I have a disproportionate love for that double stroller, and every time I use it now--which isn't all that often anymore--I wonder if it's the last time. Will I even know it when it is? Probably not--like the nursing, you know: one day it's over and you didn't know that last time, the day before, was going to be it for you. I love my stroller because it gives me freedom in my isolated subdivision; it stands for all those baby-toddler days when we hadn't lived here long and I didn't have a car or any way to get anywhere else during many days, but I could throw my babes in the double and hike the inclines around our rich neighborhood and ogle the yards and gardens; I could feed them dry Cheerios to keep them happy for an extra half-mile so I could squeeze in a full workout. I could feel the sun on my face and the watch the crazy-incredible clouds we get here towering up over the farmfields.

Genevieve will be three in less than a month. She's throwing off her babyhood left and right, leaving it in her wake, and she'll be done with the stroller all too soon. We're going to be one of those families selling the stroller, selling the crib! ("One of those families": as if all families don't do that eventually.)

I can't even picture it; truly, truly, I can't.


Anonymous said...

Shh.. Don't remind me that our babies are about to turn three.

Shan said...

It's enough to make you think about a third, right, Anonymous???? ;)

Mnmom said...

I was just musing on that yesterday . . . not knowing the last time would actually be your last. Seems like baby/toddler things just dominate your every waking (and sleeping) moment, then suddenly they are gone. Today I was missing being able to carry a girl in my arms, braced on my hip. I have to quit focusing on missing those years, or I'll miss the tween/teen years I have in front of my right now.

donna said...

Oh, whoops. That 'anonymous' comment was from me. Guess I clicked the wrong bubble.

And no, not thinking about a third. But the huz is. *sigh*