Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Did You Know You Can Pre-Order the Book?

P.S. What I Didn't Say: Unsent Letters to Our Female Friends, edited by Megan McMorris and featuring my essay "The Mommy Wars Killed Our Friendship" (not to mention 35 other essays by a group of amazing women writers, including such writing stars as Jacquelyn Mitchard and Michelle Goodman), is now available for pre-order at!

Order your own copy now, and it will be shipped to you the minute the book is released. You need some new fall reading, right?


Mom said...

I will count on this as my Christmas present! Be sure to include an autograph! I will be/am very proud of your writing triumphs!

Mom and Kiddo said...

In fact, I do need some new fall reading.

Boy Crazy said...

Hi there, found you through a Google search for info on the Moms in the Fast Lane anthology (I also submitted and was in contact with Sam but haven't heard from her in a while, just wanting to see if you had any more info...?). If you have a second, would you mind emailing me?

thanks! elizabeth