Thursday, August 20, 2009

For Those of You Who Missed This Story on Facebook, Which I've Sworn Off, By the Way, Though That's Another Post

So I'm taking the start of kindergarten (in just short of three weeks) fairly hard. I mean, not unusually hard, I don't think--I'm not sitting around crying or bemoaning an imminent lack of identity or anything like that--just the normal amount of hard for a full-time at-home mom sending her first child into the world of daily school for the first time, I would imagine. Meaning, I might get a little melancholy while roaming the school-supplies aisle at WalMart with my daughter, searching out things off her Official School Supply List like "dry-erase markers, fine point" and "glue sticks, at least 4". (An aside: pencils were not on the list. Does that strike anyone else as odd?)

And therefore I might say to her half-playfully, thinking of our past nearly-inseparable five years together (other than a few mornings of 2-1/2-hour nursery school), "I can't believe you're going to be at school EVERY MORNING this year! What am I going to do without you?!"

To which she might then reply, thoughtfully and cheerfully, "Uh....Clean?"

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Tricia said...

RE: Facebook

I'm off of it too. It just started to feel really really yucky. It was bringing out my 'inner stalker'. And with all my stress and this crazy schedule of mine, the last thing I wanted to do was read about someone's opinion regarding Michael Vick playing for the Eagles. I'm sorry, but who really cares!?!?

I'm off it for good and it feels great.