Monday, August 24, 2009

I Know You Want to Know

So my poor little five-year-old fell asleep during our inaugural non-nap "quiet time" today--in a bright, hot guest-bedroom with the shades wide open, amidst her planned activities of books and puzzles--while little Genevieve tottered busily around the nursery for the full hour, clattering wooden puzzle pieces in and out of their frames (I had the baby monitors on) and pulling books off the shelves, chattering importantly to herself.

Oh, and also? One hour goes by really fast.


Mnmom said...

Too bad we can't bottle the mojo of that two-year old. You'd be rich!!!

Anonymous said...

And bedtime! Vivi yelled a few times to make sure I was going to "sid in da how-way for a wong, wong time an' five minutes!" but then sighed deeply a few times and went to sleep.