Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's Hard to Get Anything Much Done in One Measly Hour, People.

So bedtime last night (first no-naps day in our house) was great. The girls were in bed at 7:30 p.m., and totally silent by 7:40. No crying! No screaming! No sitting by the crib until 10 p.m.! All well and good, though anyone smart won't celebrate quite yet; Genevieve has a long history of responding well to novelty and then regressing three or four days (or weeks) later. But for sure: a huge success, last night. I'm proud that both my girls followed quiet-time rules yesterday and did an awesome job with the switch-up. And I'm sure I'll become totally used to the whole no-naps-just-an-hour-of-quiet-time routine in time. But on day two, with just 19 minutes left in my one hour of alone time/break time/get-all-my-own-stuff-done time, with the girls awake in bright, sound-filled (though closed-door) rooms just steps from my chair and the long silent slumbering afternoons of the past several years over and done--replaced by short rests and then long afternoons of even more daylight hours to fill, fill, fill with play, play, play--well, it's kind of rough. After five years, I'm in Naptime Mourning.

All you moms for whom naptime is a distant memory can feel free to make fun of me now. All you moms with babies who still nap can... oh, never mind.

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Mom and Kiddo said...

My son gave up regular naps at 2.5, but I did enjoy the earlier bedtime. I was never able to enforce a quiet time, however. Now I have a napping baby, but it is not the same when you have to spend nap time entertaining your 4 year old, or trying to do all your dinner preparations since there is NO WAY you can do them when both children are awake.