Friday, August 28, 2009

My Exciting, Expensive Life

Last night I drove up to my beloved long-time stylist in the suburbs to get my hair done. It's ridiculous that I do this, I know--she lives a million miles away from me; I moved away from her three years ago--but for eight years she's handled my tricky hair with all its deficits and challenges (cowlicks! baby-fine! pin-straight! wait, no, now it's wavy! now straight again! those crazy childbearing hormones! oh, and NOW IT'S FALLING OUT IN HANDFULS!) with grace and good humor, and--well, I love her. Even though she bankrupts me every time she does my highlights. (Seriously, people, I need to seriously consider a cheaper hair salon in my own town.)

Anyway, I think poor Shauna was traumatized by the state of my hair, since I'd neglected it all summer, spent hours outside in the sun with my girls (hatless), spent more hours pulling it into a ponytail and going running (hatless) out in the sun (not to mention the wind), and therefore had split ends a solid inch (at least) up from the bottom. Honestly, the bottom edge of my hair looked like an overused child's paintbrush, frayed and split. Lovely.

I'm pretty sure that to Shauna (who is single, childless, and gorgeous) I am the poster child for everything that can go wrong, grooming-wise, once one has children. Sorry Shauna!

All right, so after I emptied my checking account to pay Shauna for her services, I went to Target for toddler toothpaste and laundry detergent and, even though I bought nothing frivolous whatsoever--only household needs like bleach and toilet paper and Kleenex and soy milk for homemade iced lattes, aren't those necessities?--I emptied the REST of my checking account there.

Then I came home to find that Genevieve had peed all over the couch (by accident, of course) while I was gone. This child never has major potty accidents, and this is how she chooses to have her first one? On the sofa?

Then I stressed out about money, travel arrangements for Chicago, and the start of school, and went to bed.

The end.

P.S. Should I be insulted that all my Google ads these days are about losing belly fat? Hmmm.


Mnmom said...

Try Heidi at Heads or Nails, under the Nutting Building. I love her, and she's one of my best friends. Her sister Michelle is pretty good too, and they both have fine hair.

Oh, and, personal grooming? What's that???? You mean I'm supposed to spend actual time on looking good? My big splurge is a pedicure about 3X a year.

donna said...

I also know how hard it is to find someone who knows you and your hair. Bad haircuts are bad for the soul. (I speak from experience.) So recommendations are a must when finding a new stylist.